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In memory of Simon Thirgood

6 December 1962 – 30 August 2009

Prof. Simon Thirgood was the driving force and key initiator behind the development of the HUNT project, and its natural coordinator when funded. Tragically, Simon died in Ethiopia on Sunday 30th August, when the building he was in collapsed during a sudden storm.

Simon was a highly respected ecologist, deeply committed to conservation issues at home and abroad, and passionate about helping to make the world a better place. He was in Ethiopia setting up a project to build community capacity conserving and monitoring biodiversity, funded by the UK Darwin Initiative. Read more...

If you would like to contribute to a more lasting legacy in Simon’s memory, his family would like to build on a project that they recently set up in Ethiopia.

They have been raising money to create scholarships to allow children, living in the Bale Mountains of Ethiopia and who could not otherwise afford it, to attend secondary school. This will give them the education and opportunity they need to pursue livelihoods that are not dependant on the unsustainable use of the forest and other natural resources of this exceptionally important area for international wildlife conservation (

Simon strived to make a difference in the world, loved the Bale Mountains (and not just because they were rather like his beloved Cairngorms!) and could only approve of this being set up in his memory. All donations are being channeled through Born Free Foundation, supporters of the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Project with which both Simon and his wife Karen have been working from their first visit to Ethiopia.


If you would like to contribute to a more lasting lecacy in Simon's memory, please do so through the following website where Gift Aid can be reclaimed by UK taxpayers: