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University of Ljubljana (UL)


UL is the largest University in Slovenia and with its 56,000 undergraduate and post-graduate students, it ranks also among the biggest universities in the world scale. The Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana carries out research, professional, and advisory services in the areas of nature (biology, microbiology), agriculture, forestry and fishery (forestry, zootechnics, agronomy) and in the closely related production technologies (wood science, food science, biotechnology). All the educational and research disciplines carried out at the Biotechnical Faculty incorporate the issues of the management of natural resources (soil, space, flora and fauna, water). Researchers at the Biotechnical faculty participate in numerous national and international interdisciplinary projects.
UL will contribute to all the Workpackages and will be the lead in-country partner in Slovenia.

Ivan Kos

Ivan Kos is an Associate Professor of Ecology and lectures in Animal Ecology, Biogeography and Ecosystems studies. He is the Head of Animal Ecology Research Group of Biotechnical Faculty and researcher in different projects related to animal ecology and biodiversity studies. He has published 21 scientific papers, 2 monographs, 3 chapters in monographs and others. He was supervisor on 3 doctoral theses, 3 master theses and 39 graduate theses.

Klemen Jerina

Klemen Jerina is a young researcher and an expert on GIS, statistics and ecological modeling who has been working on several national and EU-funded projects involved in wildlife ecology and management. His research focused on basic issues, such as habitat selection, habitat-body mass interactions and population ecology of ungulates and large predators, and in applied issues - the latter including management strategies such as harvesting or conservation. He is a founder of a National Slovene Register of Large Game Species and Large Carnivores. He published 5 scientific papers, 8 technical reports and coauthored 2 large carnivore management plans.

Hubert Potočnik

Hubert Potočnik is Teaching Assistant of Ecology and an expert for Animal Ecology. His main research work is focused on Wildlife and Conservation Biology with special interest to wild felids and their prey species in the Dinarics. Potočnik has extensive experience of radio-telemetry (field work) studies and predictive habitat and population modeling supported by GIS. He took part in several research and nature conservation projects. He published 3 scientific papers, co-edited a book on lynx in Slovenia and is coauthor of more than 50 professional papers, presentations and expert valuations.

Aleksandra Majić Skrbinšek

Aleksandra Majić Skrbinšek is a young researcher and human dimensions specialist who has been working on numerous interdisciplinary projects in Europe (Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Macedonia, Albania) and in North Africa (Tunisia, Morocco). Her expertise are quantitative and qualitative surveys of public attitudes and beliefs towards a controversial or/and endangered wildlife species. She has published 1 scientific paper, 8 technical reports, co-authored 3 large carnivores management plans and edited Lynx Management Plan for Croatia.

Tomaž Skrbinšek

Tomaž Skrbinšek is a young researcher with expertise in areas of molecular ecology with emphasis on non-invasive genetics, GIS and spatial modeling, and capture-mark-recapture modeling He has been working in research of wildcat habitat use, Eurasian lynx habitat use and prey utilization and conservation genetics of the brown bear in Slovenia. He published 2 scientific papers, 2 technical reports and coauthored 1 monograph.





Dolores Čarga

Dolores Čarga is a PhD student on Environmental Protection, dealing with sustainable hunting at Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana. Her primarily education is in Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, where she was dealing with hunting tradition and human - nature relationship. She finished MsC study in Innovation and Design for Sustainability at Cranfield University in UK in Reviewing the Sustainability of Slovenian Wildlife Management. Her experience about hunting and sustainability comes from life and practical involvement in this issues.