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International conference on HUNTing for sustainability Ciudad Real, Spain 27.-29.march 2012

HUNT conference on Twitter:

Tweets from some of the plenary and parallel sessions at the International Conference on Hunting for Sustainability: Ecology, Economics and Society.


Fakta Skog (2011)

Research news from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Lovački vjesnik (November 2011)

  • "Lovački vjesnik"  is a monthly magazine about hunting and game in Croatia. In this years November issue you find this article. 

    The HUNT-project: analysis of brown bear management sustainability in Croatia and Slovenia.


The Wildlife Professional (Fall 2010) 

  • The Wildlife Professional has published a feature article comparing wildlife management traditions


Upland magazine (Summer 2008)

  • Upland presents some of the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute’s recent research
    related to the sustainable use of wildlife.