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Environmental Economics Research Group

University of Stirling (UoS)

The Environmental Economics Research Group undertakes research on environmental cost-benefit analysis, ecological-economic modeling, environmental valuation, the economics of non-point source pollution control, and the economics of climate change. Its work is funded by many different bodies, notably the Economic and Social Research Council, the UK Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, and the European Union. Research is conducted world-wide, for example on the economics of forest conservation in Rwanda to the economic costs of water pollution in the Mediterranean.
US will lead WP3 (Economics) and participate in WP1 (Management), WP5 (Integration) and WP6 (Dissemination).

Nick Hanley

Nick Hanley is Professor of Environmental Economics at US where his main areas of research are environmental cost-benefit analysis, economics of biodiversity conservation, non-point source pollution control, sustainable development, and climate change. He has a wide and extensive experience of environmental valuation methods applied to biodiversity conservation in Europe and Africa and considerable experience of working in a multi-disciplinary environment. Hanley has published 10 books and 64 scientific papers in refereed journals.

Sergio Colombo

Sergio Colombo is an expert on environmental valuation, particularly the econometrics of stated choice analysis. He has worked closely with Hanley on projects related to the economic value of upland landscapes in Scotland, the value of water quality improvements under the EU water Framework Directive, and on the social costs of soil erosion in Southern Spain.

Mirko Moro

Mirko Moro is a Research Fellow at the Division of Economics, University of Stirling. His research interests are mainly in the fields of environmental & Resource Economics, Wealth and Wellbeing, Sustainable Development, Behavioural Economics, Applied Economics, Spatial Analysis and Statistics.