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Country summaries:Scotland 

We have summarised some of our main findings from each country into separate booklets that can be downloaded here.

This booklet provides a summary of the research we carried out in relation to our Scottish case study. Because of the multidisciplinary approach, the results provide a more holistic understanding of hunting and its relationship to biodiversity. This demonstrates that those involved in hunting management see themselves as conservationists – legitimately managing populations and habitats that might otherwise deteriorate. Hunters often value the environment they hunt in, not just the shooting opportunity. Our work also recognizes that hunting activities can have biodiversity benefits and that the intensity with which hunting occurs varies across the landscape. This heterogeneity contributes to the biodiversity of our landscapes.

Thus, as well as regulating against unsustainable hunting activities, we need to recognize that best practice in hunting and shooting can be a valuable tool in helping to halt the loss of biodiversity. 


Photo: N. Bunnefeld