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Aberdeen University (UNIABD)

The School of Biological Sciences at Aberdeen University (UNIABD) hosts a large number of ecologists, including 16 academic staff, 22 post-docs and nearly 80 postgraduate students. We study the interactions that determine the distribution and abundance of organisms and seek insights that contribute to the understanding, management and conservation of biological resources. The Ecology group has a high international profile, with recent papers based on collaborations with researchers from a wide range of universities, research institutes and conservation NGO's. Together with the James Hutton Institute we have recently established the Aberdeen Centre for Environmental Sustainability (ACES). At ACES we seek to unify environmental, social and economic approaches through inter-disciplinary science involving policy makers and stakeholders.

Steve Redpath

Steve Redpath is Professor of Conservation Biology at the Aberdeen Centre for Environmental Sustainability, a joint centre between the James Hutton Institute and Aberdeen University. He is a Population Ecologist and Conservation Biologist who has worked extensively on raptors and game birds throughout Europe. Redpath co-led the EU Concerted Action REGHAB (Reconciling Game bird Hunting and Biodiversity) and the human-wildlife conflict work package of the RCUK-funded UKPopNET. Redpath has published ~75 papers including in Nature, edited a book on raptor conservation and is an Associate Editor of IBIS.

Rosalind Bryce

Rosalind Bryce is a postdoctoral researcher at the Aberdeen Centre for Environmental Sustainability. She has a background in ecological research and conservation biology and has worked extensively in the Scottish uplands on native species conservation and improving management strategies for invasive species. She has experience of working with stakeholders and volunteers in conservation management. Her interests include using participatory and interdisciplinary approaches to improve applied conservation and decision making related to management practice and policy.