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BLOG: HUNT at the beginning of year 2

Published 12.01.2010

HUNT is in good shape going into 2010 and the new decade. Many activities are underway in all the partner countries. A bit more than a year into the 42 month timeline it is a good moment to take stock of where we are, and consider where we are going.

The tragic death of the PI Simon Thirgood in August presented a challenge to the project. It is impressive to see how the project team has been determined to persist with the research agenda that was so close to Simon’s heart. I have taken on the role of coordinating the project and made it my mission to facilitate the research team in developing and implementing the sort of project Simon would have wanted. Thanks to the whole team, the project has really gained momentum in recent months and two features have been most significant.

First, there has been a real effort and willingness for researchers of different disciplines to come together and work out an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to tackling the research topics.
Second this willingness has resulted in a set of case studies where this integrated approach is being applied to the specific issues in each of the countries involved. It is at the case study level where applying an interdisciplinary approach is really going make a difference for the local resource managers, policy makers and to knowledge transfer.
Looking forward into 2010, the second project annual meeting will be held in February at the Tanzanian Wildlife Research Institute (TAWIRI) in Arusha. This is more than just a management meeting. Time is set aside for capacity building activities before and after the main meeting, and the focus will be on developing the case study projects with an emphasis on ensuring consistency to allow comparison where possible.
Briefly, the case studies include:
More details of these case studies can be found at the above links.
2010 will be a year of intense activities in each of these case studies and results will start to emerge and guide us as we go into 2011.

Justin Irvine, project coordinator