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Constructive brown bear communication

Published 07.05.2012

The HUNT-workshops on brown bear have proved so valuable that the Croatian and Slovenian governments have decided to continue meeting annually, also beyond the duration of HUNT.

Constructive brown bear communication

Aleksandra Majić summarizes parts of the discussions. Photo Annie McKee.

Slovenia and Croatia share and hunt the same brown bear population. The brown bear case study presents an important example of what hunting of a charismatic species means for the society and for biodiversity. Within the HUNT project we investigated the meanings attributed to bear hunting by the society, we analyzed how institutional arrangements and institutional change influences bear management in both countries, we analyzed how hunting impacts the bear population conservation status. But most importantly, we’ve established a constructive communication with and among the stakeholders in the both countries.


We’ve organized a first bilateral workshop on November 8th 2011 with the objective to investigate advantages and disadvantages of different scenarios of bear management in the Northern Dinarics. The participants were decision-makers, managers, researchers and other stakeholders from the both countries. Workshop report in EnglishSlovenian and Croatian was prepared and recommendations for management outlined.


Second bilateral workshop (February 29th 2012) came as a direct response to the first workshop participants’ wish to operationalize cross-border cooperation in brown bear management. Newly published reports in Croatian and Slovenian outline the workshop results and bilateral agreements on how to proceed with cross-border cooperation not only in brown bear management but also in management of other two endangered large carnivores shared by the two countries – wolf and lynx. Important to highlight is a fact that the Governments have decided to continue with the workshop meetings beyond the duration of the HUNT project at least once a year. The next workshop is planned for September 2012 and will be hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment of the Republic of Slovenia.


The Second bilateral workshop was held February 29th, 2012. Photo Annie McKee.

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