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The story of Mama and Baba Chacha

Published 25.04.2012
There are many ways to disseminate research. The Tanzanian HUNT-team is among the more creative, presenting their research findings in the form of a short play.
The story of Mama and Baba Chacha

Asanterabi Lowassa and Loi Naiman playing the story of “Mama and Baba Chacha” – a story of bushmeat hunting and sustainable resource use - to an audience in Nyamburi, Serengeti. Photo: Anke Fischer

To conclude their work on “Hunting for Sustainability” in western Serengeti, the Tanzanian team visited seven of their study villages from April 16-21, telling their study participants about the research findings in the form of a short play: “The story of Mama and Baba Chacha”. The play was narrated and performed by members of the research team, complemented by village children and other ad-hoc actors, and pointed at the need to diversify livelihoods and reduce bushmeat hunting for a sustainable future.

Overall, about 380 residents of western Serengeti attended the events, and each received a khanga (se picture below) with a conservation message that had been specifically printed for the occasion. Already a couple of days later, the khangas could be seen in Mugumu, the district capital, worn by women from the villages on their way into town.


“Kutunza maliasili ni jukumu la kila raia” – Protecting natural resources is the responsibility of every citizen: Distribution of our khangas in western Serengeti. Photo: Anke Fischer.

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