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Norwegian research findings

Summary of some of the findings from our research in Norway to date.

Ethiopia Research Briefings

Summary of some of the findings from our research in Ethiopia to date.

Hunters as “stewards of the land”

Historically the relationship between hunters and conservationists has been complicated. But for many hunters caring for wildlife is crucial to their understanding of what hunting is all about.

Real hunters don’t shoot for fun

A true hunting experience is not about killing as many animals as possible, but about achieving a balance in the relationship between the hunter and the animal.

Hunting for sustainability


HUNT est un projet de recherche international et interdisciplinaire, financé par le Septième programme-cadre (7e PC). Son objectif est de comprendre la signification - au sens large - de l’activité cynégétique, et son insertion au 21ème siècle. Au travers du prisme de l’activité de chasse, le programme HUNT étudiera de manière globale et intégrée les relations entre l’homme et la nature, en cherchant un moyen de réconcilier les conflits entre les hommes concernant ces pratiques cynégétiques.


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In memory of Simon Thirgood

6 December 1962 – 30 August 2009