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The Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Department (EWCA)


EWCA is the federal authority responsible for managing national parks in Ethiopia. They also have the mandate to issue permits for wildlife research and trophy-hunting in the country. As the federal wildlife authority, EWCA works closely with regional authorities to conduct wildlife censuses, set hunting quotas, and manage protected areas, including controlled hunting areas. EWCA has renewed its MoU with Frankfurt Zoological Society for ongoing conservation work undertaken in Ethiopia.

Kifle Argaw

Kifle Argawis the Director General for EWCA and responsible for overall oversight of wildlife issues in Ethiopia and protected area management under federal mandate. He is responsible for coordinating wildlife censuses with regional authorities and controlled hunting area managers and setting hunting quotas in the country.


Fetene Hailu

Fetene Hailuis Team Leader for Resource Utilisation. He manages the team responsible for conducting wildlife censuses that are used to set hunting quotas in controlled hunting areas throughout Ethiopia. He was previously the counterpart project manager for WWF’s Forest Conservation in High Priority Areas in the Bale Mountains and has experience working with both federal and regional conservation authorities as well as protected area managers.

Lakew Birhanu

Lakew Birhanu is wildlife researcher with EWCA. He has an Msc in conservation biology from DICE and has conducted varied census work in Ethiopia, including a country-wide Grevy’s zebra survey. He is currently the EWCA representative for the GEF Protected Areas System Plan (PASP) Project in Ethiopia. PASP is tasked with improving the overall human and institutional capacity in mandated institutions to manage for biodiversity values in Ethiopia’s conservation protected areas.