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We will consider two study areas with contrasting situations with respect to biodiversity, but where hunting is an equally important activity, and where anomalies in the distribution of some predators have been detected.

Extremadura is a region with a high biodiversity whereas southeastern Castilla-La Mancha is an area where biodiversity is quite impoverished. We will obtain information about management models for the main game species in these areas, from traditional rural hunting performed by local people on community lands to large private game estates, or from large areas with soft or virtually absent game management, to some of the places with the hardest management models in Spain.

This information will be contrasted with available information about biodiversity (national databases available at IREC), complemented when necessary with field surveys. In these same hunting lands we will obtain information from managers about game management techniques used (e.g. predator control, presence of feeding or water points, game crops, etc.) and about socioeconomic aspects of hunting.

Photo: J. Linnell